No *ONE* is responsible for democracy’s future

Controversial headline.  Hear me out.

We are all collectively responsible for the future of democracy.  Your vote matters.  Your activism matters.  Your voice matters.  Your questions matter.  Democracy requires all of us to participate in order to be successful.

It is for that reason that hinging the future of democracy on a single person feels problematic.  This is basically my plea for everyone to leave Stacey Abrams alone.

abramsI frickin’ love Stacey Abrams

If Abrams decides to enter the Democratic primary, I’m going to have to think long and hard about my top pick.  Like a lot of people, a Buttigieg/Abrams or Abrams/Buttigieg ticket would be my dream team.

I also understand the importance of the Senate races and getting great people to run for Senator in key places, like Georgia.  Abrams would be an exceptional Senator.

Abrams is also an amazing activist for voting rights, and her work to create Fair Fight Action to secure fair voting rights in Georgia is important work that will inevitably spread across the country.

Activist, Senator, Cabinet Secretary, President, Interpretive Dancer – Let Stacey decide.

The role in which Stacey Abrams can make the most impact is whatever role Stacey Abrams decides she is most passionate about taking on.  The intense pressure to get her to run for Senator is unfair – both to her and to other great candidates that Democrats could be identifying and supporting in the Senate race.  Abrams has already addressed a possible Senate run, noting that her particular skill set as an executive leader is not ideally suited for a Senate role.

Stacey Abrams is not personally responsible for the future of our democracy; if she decides to leave politics and become an interpretive dancer, she will almost certainly change the direction of interpretive dance for the future.  It’s her call.

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