Rules of Engagement

With as my platform, I aspire to create a positive impact on our collective future by sharing my personal truth, actively engaging in politics, advocating for social justice, and encouraging respectful interaction amongst individuals with differing views.

While I come into the conversation from a left-leaning, progressive perspective, I understand that other perspectives usually come from values-based, good faith differences in the way that one views the world around them.  I strive to keep an open mind and invite readers to offer critiques or share an alternative way of looking at an issue.

When possible, I cite sources for data, and when not possible, I will say so.

I have only two rules for anyone who wants to engage in the conversation with me:

  1. Come in good faith.  Respect for others and an open mind are required.
  2. Do not spread false information.  If you know that it is not true, do not say it. I will call out incorrect information when I identify it – whether offered in good faith or bad.