Our democracy is in real danger. This is not a drill.

The part of this story that we don’t know with certainty yet – what was the complaint about – is likely to obscure the plain facts that we DO know. The Executive Branch broke the law – and has plainly admitted to doing so by asserting privilege that does not exist – simply by telling the Inspector General to withhold the complaint from Congress.

No *ONE* is responsible for democracy’s future

Controversial headline.  Hear me out. We are all collectively responsible for the future of democracy.  Your vote matters.  Your activism matters.  Your voice matters.  Your questions matter.  Democracy requires all of us to participate in order to be successful. It is for that reason that hinging the future of democracy on a single person feels … Continue reading No *ONE* is responsible for democracy’s future

Let Shaun King take on Biden.

Democrats – candidates and supporters – must still call out bad decisions, poor policy choices, and hypocrisy when they see it in other Democratic candidates.  Not all candidates are created equal.  Some of these candidates have made some bad decisions, and it’s okay to call them out on their bad decisions. 

90% Less Beef

Before I can go forward with this blog post, I have to make a couple of confessions and apologies. I have been known to make fun of vegetarians in my life.  I’m sorry. For real, regardless of your reasons for being a vegetarian or a vegan, I’m sorry for being an asshole. I have also … Continue reading 90% Less Beef