Noisy, messy and complicated: What’s next?

I was serious about being committed to continuing the conversation around the issues.  There’s a lot of anger right now.  I can only hope that we can channel that passion into something more productive than anger.

7 thoughts on “Noisy, messy and complicated: What’s next?

  1. earthmagickmama says:

    Quite frankly, I think we should all be concerned and aware of the absolute craziness that is coming even further out of the woodwork now that Romney has been defeated. I have seen people crying Secession, websites being started, people claiming that there is no America left and that we will all be slaves before the next 4 years is up. I am not sure how 48% (current popular vote for Romney) of the voting public (57 million people, only 1/6th of the country, by the by) is deluded enough to believe that Obama is a ‘secret communist socialist muslim’ and that he has done nothing for America in the past 4 years.

  2. I had my own moment of craziness this morning, so I kind of get it. There’s a lot of passion right now; it’d be nice if we could channel it into something positive. I know that I’m naive to think that’s possible overnight, but I’m genuinely working on channeling my own passion into something positive. Maybe I can convince one other person out there to channel THEIR passion into something positive. Pay it forward, so to speak.

    Luckily, I really don’t think it’s true that all 57 million Romney voters think Obama is a ‘secret communist socialist muslim’. Probably only about 40 million of them. 🙂 (I’m kidding!) I had conversations with a lot of people who were on the fence about who to vote for strictly based on fiscal policy – but that didn’t see a huge difference between the two candidates.

    The people screaming about secession are a very small (albeit very loud) minority, don’t you think?

    • earthmagickmama says:

      I wish I could think that, but sadly my (unwanted) connection to that particular spectrum of the conservative movement has shown me that there are not just a few, there are many. I know only a few hundred in personal terms and by affiliation a few more thousand. These are not the people who are loud – the ones that are the most worrying are the ones that are quiet. Silently amassing military grade weapons, stockpiles of food, ammunition, gold/silver/lead and aligning themselves only with those they feel they can ‘trust’. They are prepared to take on anyone who they feel is ‘against them’ or supports the POTUS. They fully believe that we have all had the wool pulled over our eyes and within the next 4 years we will become slaves under the mantle of the Muslim Brotherhood by executive order of Obama. They believe that FEMA is building concentration camps and that there will be a ‘burnout’ of the disbelievers or those who challenge Obama’s ‘ideals’.

      I wish I was exaggerating, but the truth is, with what I’ve said above I have only scratched the surface of what is going on in this movement. They are preparing for a civil war, for the end days, Revelations, the Apocalypse, WWIII.

      I am not saying that there are not moderates, there are. Do they outnumber the radical conservatives? I can’t say. But the number of radicals is growing, sadly, every day.

      To be honest it is these very people, and my knowledge thereof, that was one of the main impetus’ for moving out of the country.

      • Can I admit that I may want to pretend I haven’t read this comment? Oy vey. I prefer to assume that people are generally rational and reasoned. This kind of makes me want to cry.

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