John Hickenlooper: Déjà vu

hickenlooperI spent about an hour listening to the WMUR interview and town hall with 2020 Democratic candidate and former Governor John Hickenlooper on my drive to work.  After arriving to work, I wrote down three notes:

– Okay ideas on policing and education

– Foreign policy?

– Painful to listen to.

The last note is self-explanatory.  In the interview I watched, there were no foreign policy questions asked of Hickenlooper, so I noted that I had no perspective on where he stands.  And I can only barely remember what he said about policing and education.

Clearly, Hickenlooper did not come across as inspirational or even memorable.

In an effort for fairness, I looked up a few other articles that might be able to tell me why I should consider a vote for Hickenlooper, including this one from Vox and this one from FiveThirtyEight.  They were not particularly compelling.

Final verdict?

Hickenlooper is a moderate Democrat who describes himself as a “do-er” – and his record as Governor of Colorado is pretty decent.  However, he doesn’t strike me as any level of inspirational, at a time when we are in desperate need of inspiration.

Anyone feel differently about Hickenlooper?  There’s obviously a lot I don’t know about the guy – and with so many candidates, I’m not going to bother to do too much more research without a compelling reason.  Let me know if you think there is a compelling reason.