Jay Inslee – King of the Dad Joke

These might start to get shorter, because I’m getting really tired of listening to a whole lot of blah blah blah. I’ve also found myself being a little less charitable. I’m finding it hard to be sorry about that.

Here’s the thing: Inslee seems like a smart guy. He seems to generally have the same priorities as the other candidates – although his focus is climate first, everything else later. (That’s not a negative, in my opinion.) As far as I can tell, there are no major scandals in his past. And he admitted in his CNN Town Hall that he had never really thought about a particular topic and didn’t have an informed answer.

If Joe Biden and Al Gore had a really boring baby

He’s a back-slapping, jokey-jokey guy who is affable, and not at all interesting. Like a cross between Joe Biden and Al Gore. Less creepy than Biden, less intelligent than Gore, but boring as hell and trying to be funny. I have literally zero interest in learning more about him.

Is there something worth finding that I should know about? Can anyone give me a reason to care?T