I want to argue about the big issues.

I want to argue about the big issues.  I want to talk about climate change, clean energy, religious freedom and perceptions of religious persecution.  I want to debate the benefit of social programs, the necessity of government regulation and the efficacy of our tax code.  I want you to try to change my mind with your facts – REAL facts – and your passionate opinions.  I want to learn and grow and better understand the world that I live in.

To do that, I need to be clear on my own point of view.  I have decided that I’m not going to be keeping my political opinions to myself, even though it’s easier or more polite to do so.  It might be polite, but it’s too dangerous to stay silent.  I want you to understand ME – and I’m willing to be wrong.

(Taken from the blog post that started it all.)

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