Tom Steyer: Bringing nothing new to a crowded table.

I’m not going to spend a lot time on this one.  I’ve followed Tom Steyer’s work over the years – he’s been an important Democratic fundraiser and he led an effort to push for the current President’s impeachment.  He’s also a billionaire who has pledged to give away half of his money prior to his death to good causes around the world.  I suspect he’s a decent fellow.

steyerHe brings nothing new to this Democratic field of candidates, as far as I can tell.  Steyer’s announcement video rehashes the same things the other candidates have already been talking about for months.

If you wait this long to get into the race, you are doing so because you either have an ego to feed, or you feel that you have something critical to the country’s future that other candidates are lacking.  I can’t see any evidence of the latter.

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