Seth Moulton: Meh, part deux.

I watched the WMUR Conversation with the Candidate for both Seth Moulton and Tim Ryan on the same day.  Moulton may have benefited from this comparison.  Overall, I found him to be reasonable, relatively intelligent, and a bit overly sincere.  (The guy has a heart-tugging story for everything.)

I generally like Moulton’s position on healthcare, where he is on the side of a strong public option.  (The “Medicare for all who want it” position.)

On education, he also does not believe that four year universities should be free, but rather suggests investing in high school and vocational schools to ensure that everyone can get a good education with skills necessary for the workforce.  

sethmoultonOn climate, Moulton is on board with the Green New Deal and he supports a carbon tax.  He also proposes a CCC-like service opportunity to provide jobs and implement infrastructure changes that would be more climate friendly.  Moulton also talked a bit about tax incentives for individuals and businesses who implement green energy sources.

Moulton is okay.  He’s middle of the pack for me. I could support him in the general election, but I have a hard time imagining that he’s going to capture enough attention to get there.

Any other opinions I should hear?  Interviews I should watch?


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