Kamala Harris: I just…yes.

kamalaI am not sure why my blog post about Kamala Harris has been so difficult to put together.  The honest truth is that I’m not totally sure why I like her so much.  I don’t even agree with many of her policy positions.  But she’s a bad ass woman who I can see leading this country in the right direction.  While Buttigieg still holds the top spot for me, my thoughts about Kamala Harris have evolved.

I had originally put Harris further down on my list, because her record on criminal justice has been … mixed.  But after her CNN Town Hall, I thought she did a reasonable job of defending that record.  I think she understands the issues of criminal justice reform better than almost any of the other candidates.

I am not a big fan of her flagship idea to raise teachers’ salaries.  I agree that we need to invest in education, including doing significant work to increase teachers’ salaries.  My dad, my sister, and so many of my friends were or are teachers; I deeply feel that they are all underpaid.  I just don’t know that this is the best way to spend dollars on education improvements.

Harris is also a supporter of a full stop Medicare-for-All program, with the virtual elimination of private insurance, except as supplemental insurance.  While I think that we are headed in this direction, I again think that it is too simple to say that we’re just going to jump here.  I believe we need a slower trajectory to this end goal, with a public option.

Even as I write my thoughts up in this post, I recognize that Harris in my second spot is not totally rational – but I like her.  I trust her. If a zombie apocalypse were upon us, I would be entirely comfortable with her in charge.

Buttigieg still has my vote, but if Harris is the nominee, I will happily sport a Kamala Harris For the People tee, put up a yard sign, and talk to my neighbors and friends about her.

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