Julián Castro: Struggling to stand out

castroJulián Castro had been mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential pick by Hilary Clinton in 2016, and I remember that I really wanted him to be the choice.  I am not sure now why I was so interested in Castro for the VP spot.  I wish I could recapture some of that enthusiasm for him.

I have no reason not to like Castro as a Democratic Presidential nominee.  I think there’s a good perspective coming into the race as a former cabinet Secretary, and Castro was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Obama.  

Castro’s views on immigration align pretty well with my own, with a focus on our need to not only reform our immigration system, but also to recognize that we need to provide critical aid to Central America (among other places) to help families stay safely in their own countries.

I just wish Castro wasn’t quite so boring in interviews.  I’m as tired of writing the same thing as you guys are probably tired of reading it, but Julián Castro inspires zero excitement or interest in me.  

I really want someone to tell me I’m wrong.  Tell me what to watch to get inspired.  

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