Alan Howe: I can’t even.

alanhoweAlan Howe is running in the Democrat primary for the 2020 US Presidential election.  Do you know who Alan Howe is?  Neither do I.  (I wrote this entire blog post and published it with his name as Adam Howe.  I’m legitimately only 90% sure that the photo to the left is actually Alan Howe, the Presidential candidate.)

He lost the Democratic primary for the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District’s Congressional seat in 2018.  So… US President seems like the next logical step.

Howe is an Air Force veteran, a self-proclaimed conservationist, and a fly fisherman.  His campaign website has a photo of our current President with Putin on the front page – and not a photo of the candidate himself.  If you google Alan Howe, you’ll be hard pressed to find much.

I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice man, but I am now done spending time on his candidacy.

Am I wrong?  Is Alan Howe worth talking about?  Feel free to try to convince me, but I can’t promise I will even bother responding on this one.

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