Cory Booker: My opinion is irrational

bookerSenator Booker is an incredibly smart, accomplished guy – Stanford, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and Yale Law.  He was a community activist, a mayor, and now a US Senator.  He understands the need for criminal justice reform and reform to close the gap on income inequality.  And he seems to be an incredibly nice guy who almost always smiles.

Booker checks pretty much every box for the ideal Presidential candidate.

I listened to Pod Save America’s interview with Senator Cory Booker this morning on the way to work.  After 5 hours of candidate town halls on CNN last night, I was primed to hear what he had to say.  After listening to the interview (and because of the some other factors), I’ve moved him up on my personal candidate list.   If he’s the nominee, I’ll be an enthusiastic supporter in the general election.

So why do I remain uninspired?

I struggle with why I remain uninspired and a little bit annoyed by Cory Booker.  I’ve been digging deep to examine my own biases.  I’ve landed on two things that I can’t get myself past:  1.) His perpetual smile really irritates the crap out of me, and 2.) he reminds me of someone I know who I do not particularly like.

I also would say that stacked up to Buttigieg and Harris, I just don’t find him as compelling.  I like him.  I’d 100% support him in the general election if he’s the nominee, but he hasn’t grabbed my interest.

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