Wayne Messum: I’m a No.

I don’t really understand why Wayne Messum is running for President.  There are several “underdog” candidates who are ostensibly running because they believe they have a very unique or urgent message that they want to get out there.  Yang wants to talk about the impact of automation, Stalwell is focused on gun control, and Williamson is…praying.

Messum doesn’t have a unique message.  He doesn’t have a unique set of qualifications.  I have no compelling reason to take his candidacy seriously.

I’m also not totally with him on his priorities.  Or student loan forgiveness.

Messum addresses a bunch of issues on his campaign website, under the heading of Priorities.  If they are ranked in order of his priorities, he puts “Student Debt” at the top – and the position statement for this particular heading is written like a freaking term paper.  There are footnotes and references.  Despite the detailed references, the actual plan is – in my most humble opinion – far too simplistic:  Simply wipe out all student loan debt held by the federal government, attempt to then wipe out all private student loan debt, and “learn from our mistakes”.

Look – we have to do something about student loan debt and the cost of education.  I am totally with you on that, Mayor Messum.  And loan forgiveness is an option, but I don’t believe it is the right one.  I think we should offer refinancing, partial forgiveness (particularly where the amount owed is more than the amount borrowed due to time and interest), and we definitely need a better plan going forward.  Blanket forgiveness might boost buying power and be an economic stimulant, but it is also going to generate hostility amongst people who either a.) have gone to extraordinary lengths to pay their debt off, or b.) decided against higher education because they didn’t think they could manage the debt; and it will take federal funds away from other programs that may benefit a larger number of people or programs that address even more urgent needs.

I’m a No on Messum.

I am just a flat No on Messum.  I mean, if he miraculously wins the nomination, I still vote for him over the incumbent, but I’d have to dig deep to get terribly enthusiastic about the general election.

As always, tell me if you think I’m wrong.  Did I miss something important about Wayne Messum?

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