Elizabeth Warren: My Favorite Bad-Ass

warrenI love Senator Elizabeth Warren.  If I am identifying my personal role models, she definitely makes the list.  Her personal story is one of a woman who did not let anyone tell her that she couldn’t have it all.

Senator Warren has spent her political career taking on big business – financial institutions and for-profit higher education, specifically.  Warren’s work to spearhead the creation the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was the work of a true badass.  (It’s destruction under the current administration is, like so many things, an unbelievable disservice to the American people.)

Elizabeth Warren is the example of what a US Senator should be, and if she should be the Democratic nominee for President, I will be an active, enthusiastic campaign volunteer in the general election.


She’s not one of my top choices for the nomination.  I think Senator Warren should continue to be Senator Warren and should continue to fight for the American people in the Senate.  A Senator can dig in her heels and focus enormous amounts of energy on specific initiatives that matter.  A President needs to be able to bring people together and create cohesion – and Warren has become a divisive figure.

I will also admit that I think the entire ridiculous DNA test and claims at Native American heritage is a big negative on her record.  In 1986, Warren entered “Native American” into her paperwork for the Texas bar.  If it had ended there, maybe you could chalk it up to a mistake or not really thinking about the implications, but she’s held onto that story for far too long.  And then she fell into what was clearly a trap laid by the current President, and actually got a DNA test.

Look, the whole thing was super dumb and I’m sure Warren really regrets … well, everything.  But the fact that it happened does speak a little bit to her understanding (or lack thereof) of how important and complicated cultural identity can be, particularly within marginalized groups of people.

If Senator Warren is the choice of the Democrats of the nation, I’m 100% behind her.  In the meantime, I’m going to hope that she continues to be her bad-ass self in the Senate.

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