Tulsi Gabbard: Evasive AF

My write-up on Tulsi Gabbard will be pretty short, because even after listening to her talk, I’m not sure what she’s all about. (I’m basing this on a few articles and a few recent interviews – including her CNN Town Hall.)

At this point in the race, most of the candidates believe in essentially the same stuff – so policy differences are minor and not really all that interesting yet. What I’m looking for right now is someone who seems to a.) understand why they are running for President, b.) be really well-versed on the big issues facing the country and the world, and c.) be intelligent, curious and humble enough to work with the right people to get to the right answers.

Tulsi Gabbard is not that.

In the CNN Town Hall, Representative Gabbard evaded a straight answer on almost every question. She talked about the concept of the question, without actually answering the question. It was really difficult to listen to.

I thought that she’s done an okay job explaining why and how she’s evolved on LGBT issues. I don’t really hold that against her. Her meeting with Assad of Syria in 2017 without any coordination with the State Department is a different story. That she still doesn’t believe she did anything wrong is troubling, and essentially ruled out Gabbard as a candidate for me awhile ago.

As always, please feel free to tell me what you think. Am I missing an angle? Did I misjudge or misinterpret?