Kirsten Gillibrand: I guess, maybe

I’ve gotten way behind on posting my thoughts on the candidates – and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, it’s probably clear that I’ve essentially settled on my Buttigieg as my frontrunner. But I do still want to be fair to the others and try to explain why I’ve landed where I’ve landed.

I might have been a little wrong about Gillibrand

One of the things that I like about Senator Gillibrand is that she’s willing to admit when she’s been wrong in the past. In that spirit, I’m going to admit that I might have been wrong about her. I had written her off entirely based on one interview that I saw with her a few months ago, but after her CNN Town Hall I had a more balanced view of her.

As I noted above, I do like that Gillibrand is open to evolving her perspective on things, and is willing to admit that she’s been wrong in the past. At the same time, she admitted on a few issues that she evolved because she went from representing an Upstate New York district to representing the entire state, and she suddenly understood that the issues had other sides. I’m not sure that you should have to specifically represent a certain group of people before you attempt to understand the larger implications of your decisions.

I also felt like she could have been more authentic in the way that she represented herself. She seemed to “turn on” these fiery, passionate speeches at certain points in the town hall, as though she had someone tell her, “You need get really worked up about this”. It didn’t feel real.

I’m mostly just not interested.

I might be missing something in her candidacy, but there’s nothing about her that gets me excited for the future. I know it’s cliche, but a candidate needs to be able to do the job – and also needs to be able to energize people behind their message. I’m just not energized.

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