Marianne Williamson: Nope.

I have thought of a million ways to start this blog post about the candidacy of Marianne Williamson, and none of them are keeping with the tone of dignity and civility that I’m aiming for here. So…

I think her primary policy idea is prayer?

Ms. Williamson is not without an impressive resume of good work done in the world – from the founding of Project Angel Food to feed HIV positive and AIDS victims in the 80s to her work advocating for peace in various forms. Good on her.

However, listening to her is like listening to a self-help book on tape, when you know that most of what you are hearing is meaningless, but maybe there’s a nugget of something you can learn.

What I found particularly interesting is that of all of the candidates that I’ve listened to so far, Williamson is the most defensive about her candidacy. When challenged by an audience member who suggested that her message was “abstract”, she became heated and insisted that she has more specific policies than any other candidate. (She doesn’t.) It was weird, uncomfortable, and poorly handled.

Williamson is all about God, and that’s okay. For her. It’s not okay that she seems to indicate that the rest of us need to be all about God/god, too.

I’m trying to decide if it is deal-breaker for me that she doesn’t have a college degree. I know a lot of incredibly smart people who do not have college degrees, and I know that it is possible to seek and receive a well-balanced education outside of the traditional college setting. I also know that a college degree – even advanced degrees – don’t make you an intelligent, reasoned person. But…

For so very many reasons, nope. Nope. Nope-edy-nope.

I primarily focused my research on this series of interviews from WMUR in New Hampshire. (WMUR interviews are still fantastic – and am finding that the questions asked are incredibly well thought out, range across many topics, and somewhat consistent between candidates. Great source to learn more!)

Is anyone taking her candidacy seriously? Can someone reassure me that you’ve read this, so that I didn’t lose two hours of my life listening to YouTube videos of interviews with her today for no good reason. Link me to any articles, videos or just let me know what you are thinking in the comments.

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